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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

When the teachers asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up a lot of the generic answers would be a firefighter, a doctor, an astronaut and so on. I wonder if anyone ever said; "To be someone that a young girl can look up to and inspire to be"

We are all moulded and shaped into the people we are by the choices we make, the paths we take and by the individuals that guide you. Speaking on the path of being shaped by influential beings, they could be someone close to you or a celebrity/media figure. I've struggled with identity (much like a lot of girls have) in knowing wether how I visioned things, how I thought and acted upon things were how I was supposed to AND if I felt individual enough (again, like most people)

Now, slowly creeping into my mid twenties, I'm starting to shape myself into someone I would like to be and hopefully someone that a girl can look upon for guidance and care. Naturally, influential beings are getting me there so this post is to show some of the wonderful female figures that have given me hope. I do have some male figures also but they will be for another time. Let's start:


1. Marzia Kjellburg (Insta: @itsmarziapie)

Marzia started Youtube shortly after her husband Felix Kjellburg, or more famously known as 'Pewdiepie' began and quickly grew. With his success blooming, it was natural for Marzia to get recognition however she wanted to make sure she was know for her own success instead of someone else's.

Now with her own jewellery line, fabulous illustrations and co-owner of Tsuki Market Unisex clothing line, she has worked to the fullest. As well as being successful in proving that working hard gets you everywhere, she gives such a warm aura and has always inspired me to remain kind no matter how hard thing can get. Marzia retired from her Youtube career back in 2018 to focus more on her other passions but to also take care of her mental health. In her 'Goodbye Youtube' video, she said she found that most of the time she struggled to be social as she was wrapped up in a bubble with Youtube so decided to take a step back and begin a new chapter. I applaud her (although I'll miss new videos) for recognising how media can shape your thoughts in more ways than positivity and glad that she's taking time to play a role in a different way. Plus, she's just so damn adorable!!


2. Rupi Kaur (Insta: @rupikaur_)

Rupi Kaur is a Canadian Indian poet who become a #1 New York Times best selling author in 2014 for her first book 'Milk and Honey' which graced the NYT list EVERY WEEK for a year. Incredible. Along side 'Milk and Honey', her second works 'The Sun and Her Flowers' grew in success, being translated in many languages and sold in millions.

I discovered her work during college when I was still recovering from severe depression and soon as I opened the first page of Milk and Honey whilst browsing in Waterstones, I knew I found comfort and found another source of guidance. Rupi has suffered through many strifes and pain, experience joy and happiness and experienced immigration issue and revolution. You will ALWAYS find at least one poem in her books that will connect and communicate to your circumstance.

Her words are honest, they are truthful and they rise high in your soul. I keep my copies of her works close to me, by my bed, as I can refer back to her words and hear them over and over again if I need that warm or that reassurance.

I think as a woman, her poetry is something every girl should at least ready through once because I can promise you, anything you think you may have experienced alone.. You haven't and that's a good thing. We're never alone and that's why she's such an inspiration. She's dealt with rape, discriminators and heartbreak yet, she shines the light for us when we can't find the light switch. Beautiful


3. Zoe Sugg (Insta: @zoesugg / @Zoella)

I have been the hugest fan of Zoe since she began Youtube in 2013 as Zoella. She was one of the OG Youtube of the times that shaped the Youtube community to be what it is today and she still continues to bring the authenticity and genuine side to her with everything she does. Zoe is that girl you want to have as your bestfriend and she the person who makes you want to be a better person.

She's also the definition of #BOSS - she's brought out many bath and beauty ranges, created incredible stories, books and how to guides, runs her own successful company which adopts her old YouTube name 'Zoella' and all the while remains down to earth. Whenever I'm having a down day or feel unsure of myself, I watch her vlogs with her best friend Mark Ferris; They're camp, fun, relatable and make me cry laugh everytime. They show the true beauty of friendship and it reminds me that I need to make more effort with forming relationships. Seeing how wonderful she is to her friends makes me realise friendships are the glue that hold us together and I shouldn't fear the what if's. Plus, she's a Hufflepuff like me!


4. My Mum!

(I haven't posted her picture as I didn't want to do it without her permission)

I think everyone can agree on this but as a teen you'd get so stressed out by your parents and wanted to drift away slightly to get an understanding of freedom and independence. Now, I'm texting my mum nearly every other day because I miss her too much! I'm surprised she's not telling me to go away!

Being in my early to mid twenty is weird and I'm changing and developing in more way than I did during puberty. Now more than ever, my mum has been my rock and also as an NHS worker, she's been other peoples support. I may not have experienced what others may be going through but knowing that she's with me every step of the way and giving me more knowledge on my new health conditions (which I'll save for a later time) I'd be so lost without her and scared shitless (pardon me)

Also, she's got the good food. I love living alone but damn... I miss mum buying the food and it's always the good stuff too.

I don't know what I'd do without my mummy and I never want to imagine it.


And there we are, a select few but they are currently the most impactful on my journey to self discovery. I'd love to know some of the woman who have helped shaped you into the beings you are now or if you've discovered someone knew that is currently teaching and inspiring more about yourself.

Stay kind, be wise and love

Thank you for reading!

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