Self Care: You need it!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

We're constantly told that we need to take care of ourselves and with something as putting the focus on no-one else but you for a small period of time has been such a hard thing for me.

By nature, I can't help but put everyone else first. It's my mothering nature, my needs to comfort those who feel low or in need of help because perhaps it's something I needed and wished I had when I was younger.

When you've grown up being bullied, wishing you had one person there to hold your hand despite how angry and pissed off you felt, you can't help but want to protect those now who are suffering with that as you know how awful it is.

I'm a grown woman now who unfortunately doesn't surround herself with many people other than very close family. Perhaps my irrational fear of making new friends stems from my last experience of being bulled at University. But now, like everything else, time has slowly healed the wound and I'm taking the time to actually give myself some care and comfort.

When you think of self care it's easy to automatically associate it with a pamper sessions or a lush bath. That is one of the many ways but here a few ideas I like and have been practicing over this lockdown period:

  • Appreciating the little memories just as much as the big ones

  • Learn a new language - I'm currently learning Korean ☺️

  • Educate yourself on the lessons of the world; become more involved and unite

  • Learn what makes you strong and what is your weakness - how can you improve or better those?

  • Go through your memory box (if you have one) and think about one positive thing each item brings and does it still give you that same joy now

  • Let your mind wander and imagine something that makes you happy

  • Some simple ones: read, watch a movie, writing something.

  • Although I'm currently working out a healthier lifestyle, have a fucking donut if you want it 👏🏻

I could continue on but instead I encourage you to share your self care ideas on what makes you feel whole and good. You might find that someone may want to give it a go, even myself!

As we can see the world is crumbling, falling on knees from distress and heartbreak so I REALLY encourage to help and do your bit BUT P L E A S E make sure you check in with yourself and comfort you too so you can continue to help and comfort others safely ❤️

Thank you for visiting 😘

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