Rain - Short Story

(One of my first short stories I ever wrote so I thought it would be nice to share here once again. Enjoy)

I read the forecast the night before. I was expecting the sun to shine through my window. I was expecting my bed sheets to have a warm patch by my shoulders. I was expecting to be woken up in the haze of silence, nothing else but the gentle sound of my breathing. I was wrong.

As my thin eyelids stretched open, I tilted my head ever so slightly to the right. My bed was pressed up against the far wall in my room, touching the window sill. I watched the dark sky outside create an eerie backdrop for the rain coated glass. Already on this first day of Autumn we meet the racing lines of water that people so desperately try to escape from when on their way to work or passing through the streets without so much as an umbrella to protect them.

I, however, was in the comfort of my thick bed duvet, cocooning and protected from the shivers I would endure if I was outside. There's always something calming and perhaps romantic about rain. Maybe it was the notion of being stuck inside, unable to leave without becoming damp and frustrated, so the best way to pass time until the unsettling substance would let up was to spend some time with your favourite person, learning about them and how they move. Or, if alone, watching the rain, enjoying the little races down the pane of glass, curious about how the little drops would celebrate winning if they were human people.

Sitting up, I leaned closer to the window that centred my bed, gently pulling back the thin opaque material that acted as a sun shield instead of normal thick heavy curtains. I never liked curtains. They always stopped me from watching the world bloom. I pressed my hand slowly onto the window pane, my body shuddering slightly at how shockingly cold it was. The rain was heavy, second by second the loud crashing of the water hitting the glass grew and progressed into a symphony of cries from up above, along with rolls of thunder swaying through the tide, making its way through. I didn't have plans today thankfully, but watching the rain sway down the window gave me this hypnotising urge to make a cup of tea and read.

Quickly, I peeled back the warm quilt and pressed my small, childlike feet onto the old splintered floor, wincing at how disgustingly freezing it was; more so than the window. I ran across the room to my draws to find some socks, moving across quickly as if the ground was lava, a game I used to enjoy playing as a child. Dangerously hopping around, I managed to pull on my feet gloves, thick and warm, and tip-toed out of my room, knowing where each old floorboard creaked. I watched every window I passed on my way downstairs, keeping a close eye that the rain wouldn't run away from me. Now in the kitchen, I pulled on my fleece that I left hung on the back of the chair from cooking dinner last night, overheating as I cooked over the stove. 

Flicking the switch, I turned on the kettle and let my eyes drift towards the sky. It was uncommonly dark for the first of September, very uncommon for 7'oclock in the morning. I wrapped my arms around my chest, a tiny little yawn escaping my lips and a baby rumble popping up from my stomach, telling me that I needed substance. The kettle flicked off, the water now fully boiled. I reached for my mug, plopped a tea bag in and poured ever so gently, careful not to overflow.

After assembling my tea and pulling a breakfast bar from the cupboard, I made the climb back up to my old wood adorned attic bedroom, slowly and careful not to wake anyone as I passed their rooms. I poked my head through the doorway of my bedroom, a happy greeting of rain hitting the window still present. I tiptoed back over to my fortress with a smile, wobbly placing the mug of tea on the window sill beside my book, the cover littered in coffee cup rim stains. I made a sort of repulsing yet satisfying groan as I peeled the covered back over my bare legs, feeling the bliss of the warm cocoon sheltering me once again. I took the moment to lay back down again, pulling the blanket up to my neck and stared off into the sky, the hypnotising notion hitting me again and forcing me to keep still.

Before I even had a chance to take one sip of tea... The sound of the pitter patter lulled me back into slumber. Rain;  a natural sleeping pill.

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