My Engagement Story!

I'm going to be Mrs Troughton!

I've been a bit MIA to the blog recently and that's due to taking some me time and because various life events have been happening; I'm going to be an auntie again, i've finally got some positive recognition at work for all my hard work and.. I'm getting MARRIED!

I've been with Robbie for over 5 years now. In these long yet quick years, he's been the greatest savour a girl could ask for. He's one of the girls when I need to vent, he's a warm soul, he makes me cry laugh and he's excepted me for everything I am - worts and all.

For a while, I was worried that we wouldn't get engaged as he's very traditional and wanted to propose when the moment was right (in this currently world affair that is the pandemic, nothing is the right moment anymore)

For me, I'm not a fan of public proposals (I'm an ugly crier) so I wanted it to be just the two of us with the exception of one thing; if we were to have a proposal in public, it would be one one and only safe space: Warner Bro's Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Naturally, he said hell no to that and even started rambling on about how cliche it was, to which I got frustrated and at one point yelled at him because EVERY suggestion I made towards proposals was cliche to him and that love with the biggest cliche know the man. Little did I know, he listened to me.

We ventured off to the studio tour, talking days prior that I wasn't going to expect anything as I've learnt that pressuring or putting an idea in my head is not good for anyone and the fact that I love, respect and trust that he was ready to propose in his own time.

We were so excited to be there as it was our 3 year anniversary when we last visited, so around 2 years ago - a lot changed and expanded since then! A goal I've had since a little girl was to buy my school robes. I went through many stages of house identity crisis but as the sorting hat is always right (and reality is painfully obvious) I was destined to be Hufflepuff forever and so Robbie bought me my house robes. I was beyond joyful and it was enough to make the day perfect but it didn't stop there!

We made out way into the main tour, me dressed up and smiley and into the great hall. I'd say the only bonus to the pandemic is that the tours were REALLY quiet so you had more chances to look around at your leisure and more interactive time with staff to learn more! We took a lap around the great hall, taking it all in.

I turn and before my eyes he's down on one knee. It was all a blur. I don't remember hearing anything, my ears ringing and eyes streaming. For a split second I thought it was a joke, that he was mocking me until I saw the ring. I knew then that it was real.

I'm gutted I didn't have waterproof make up because I needed it that day! We were all alone in the great hall, crying and holding each other as a staff member took photos for us and radioed to all other staff members of our proposal.

Dreams really do come true at Hogwarts.

We were kindly gifted with excited congratulations from every staff member we walked past, given a card and gift from the manager and spend a total of 3 hours talking to 4 lovely staff members through out the tour (each ironically in a different house) and enjoyed their company.

It's hard to express overwhelmed joy and excitement when you can't physically find those words and I know I'm going to experience that feeling again the day I walk down that isle towards him... I can't wait!

So here are some photos of the day!

So to update, we've already put a deposit down on a venue and we're ready to face the world soon as Mr and Mrs Troughton!

Keep you updated again soon!


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