Favourite Amazon buys - Lockdown Edition

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

I've learnt from lockdown that you are one of two people; you save your money or you blitz it all away.... I didn't blitz it but I sure did buy a few things. A lot of the stuff I got can be blamed on TikTok. I follow a lot of home decor accounts and skin care ones too so naturally I couldn't resist.

Here's my first purchase;

  1. 1. Revlon 2 in 1 Blowdryer Brush.

Over the last few months been letting my hair dry naturally as I have a sensitive scalp and my hair has been falling out due to stress but on days where I need to dry my hair quickly (i.e going to work - I'm an essential worker) I use this. Not only is it so easy to use and quick, it gives me such a good blow out and for the price, that's incredible. Even if you have long or short hair, it works perfectly on so many length and hair types with such ease.

I'm so bad at doing it with a separate hairbrush and dryer but this makes the impossible task easy and gives you that 30 minutes of frustration back.

Thank 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 next

2. Plastic Draw Units

A downside to living in rented accommodation is that you can't get rid of furniture that has been left before you moved in (at least some places get weird about it). My partner, Robbie, and I have this huge double wardrobe unit that have no draws at all so it's nothing but a shelf in each side and a hanging rail. Thats. It.

I FINALLY got around the organising the crap out of it and got these draws to store our t-shirts, bottoms and other things. Since I did this, I've been organising my whole house, it's made everything so much easier and damn it look good (until it gets messy again - living with a boy is hard 😅)

3. Matsuro Embossing Label Maker


Hands down one of the cutest and practically things I've ever purchased!

I've used it to label my food jars, clothing draws, diaries and I even put my name on my phone because it's heckin cute!

It's really easy to use - you turn the dial to get to the letter you need, click the toggle and carry on until you've made the label

I love that it's embossed as I'm such a sensory person and like the feeling to it, plus it's super chic and gives a cute aesthetic. If I can find a beige/brown refill tape for it, I will actually scream with joy

4. Handbag Insert Organiser.

There is nothing worse than sticking your hand Mary Poppins deep in trying to find your lip balm or pen at the bottom of your big-ass bag.

I got this for my new handbag I got with a voucher from last Christmas and saw this on @teresalauracaruso Tik Tok page, she has endless amounts of chic and trendy item from Amazon that she shares - I saw this on one of her Amazon Favourite lists and thought it was genius!

Best part is that you don't have to stress about switching all your stuff to a different handbag; simply lift it out and pop it in the other bag. There is a variety of colours and sizes which makes it even better. SUPER Convenient 🙌🏻

5. Aztec Secret Healing Clay


This. THIS! Game changer - it's no wonder that it's Sold Out on Amazon! This blew up on Tik Tok and thankfully, I got my hands on it before it sold out.

It's ONE INGREDIENT!! Bentonite. Mix the powder with even ration of apple cider vinegar (Or half water half ACV for those with sensitive skin OR just water for those with really sensitive skin)

You can use it for so many different uses! Foot mask, mud bath, facial, ingrown hairs and after a week of using it, I saw my skin start to even out, acne scars fade and under the skin acne reduce down a lot. You can use it a few times a week if you have chronic acne and it still keeps your skins happy

I managed to get the 2lb tub so it's going to last me a LONG time. One of my favourite masks 😍

6. 3 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Lastly, I got this beaut! I've been wanting one of these for a long and as someone who unfortunately suffers from joint issues, dragging around a heavy and annoying Henry Hoover is a pain (literally)

The cordless vac makes the one task we hated doing as chore super quick! It's light weight, come with different attachments, has better power than my old vac and you can see how much crap and dust you really have in your rug. I was shocked and my asthma has been so much better since. Small wins

So, just a few things I got myself and Robbie during this quarantine period. It's been an interesting and challenging few months so far but these items have made the time more tolerable, entertaining and comforting.

Please remember during this time also to keep in contact with others, check on them and perhaps share a few things you've found helpful during this time as it could help them or make them feel better. I know I've personally struggled with communicating with others as it's just been so overwhelming and unsettling but now as we are slowly easing (and I meaning easing!) into a slight vision of normality, I'm making a better effort to communicate and share with the people who really do mean a lot.

Share or let me know what items or fun things you've purchased during Lockdown!

Thank you 😘😘

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